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Connecting Education to the Workforce

Researchers project that 85% of the jobs that will comprise the workforce in 2030 don’t currently exist today. Developing a workforce...

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Where Do Apprenticeships and Higher Ed Meet?

Word on the street is apprenticeships create a direct pathway to in-demand jobs by providing an on-ramp for individuals to enter the...

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Connecting the Dots: Aligning Attainment Goals to the Workforce

Not a day goes by that I don’t read an article or hear an anecdote about how the future of the workforce requires more postsecondary...

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In WA, State Leaders and the Business Community Work Together to Develop the Workforce

This post is a collaboration with Maddy Thompson, senior policy advisor of education and college access for Washington Gov. Jay Inslee. In...

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Working on Connections Between Education and Work in Your State? Join Us!

What do people think about the connection between education and work? This was the big question posed at a concurrent session at the 2019...

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Priority Areas in 2018 Workforce Development Legislation

This year continued the growing trend of workforce development policies, programs and initiatives. From governor action plans to a federal...

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