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If Only People Knew How Good Their State Data Systems Are

After years of investment in state education data systems, states collect more data on education than they ever have. Yet many face a...

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How Federal Policies Could Impact Student Data at the State Level

Members of Congress are scheduled to meet today during a special order to revisit and consider legislation that could have potential...

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The Growth of High School Feedback Reports

States continue to address data tracking needs with increased accountability measures and reporting innovations, acknowledging the use and...

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Revisiting a Data Conference Through Legislation

At the beginning of August, I attended the National Center for Education Statistics’ STATS-DC Data Conference. It was a wonderful...

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Data Systems and Informed Education Policy

On Nov. 16, 2016, revisions to the key takeaways of this 50-State Comparison (and blog) were made.  The importance of data in informing...

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