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How Did State Policies Change Under Former Federal Guidance on School Discipline?

After much speculation, the U.S. Department of Education officially rescinded Obama-era guidance on school discipline in December. Prior to...

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Understanding the Nuances of the School Discipline Debate

There is a heated debate going on about school discipline reform around the country, and lines of argument generally fall into one of two...

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How Are States Shifting School Discipline Policies?

It is perhaps an understatement to say that school discipline is a hot topic these days. State policymakers, educators and parents across...

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A Rocky Beginning: Suspensions and expulsions in the early years

Increased suspensions and expulsions in the early childhood space, particularly of minority students, have pushed states, districts and...

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Exclusionary discipline denies ‘equity for all’

Dramatic changes in the school discipline landscape are creating a seismic shift away from exclusionary zero tolerance policies toward less...

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