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Senior Policy Analyst at Education Commission of the States |

As a senior policy analyst, Tom contributes to the work of the policy team on issues across the education spectrum. Prior to joining Education Commission of the States, Tom taught middle school in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Tom is dedicated to providing state policymakers with quality research that supports them in making a positive impact on students' lives.

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Workforce Development: Who Has a Seat at the Table?

As any good meeting planner will tell you, one needs to ensure the right individuals attend. Those who can provide insight and guidance to...

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Where Do Apprenticeships and Higher Ed Meet?

Word on the street is apprenticeships create a direct pathway to in-demand jobs by providing an on-ramp for individuals to enter the...

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Public Health in Schools Meets Religious and Philosophical Beliefs

In the past year, New York City saw a large scale measles outbreak, bringing forth news stories and public discourse around whether states...

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What Work-Based Learning Looks Like in Middle School

Roughly 90 percent of U.S. parents want their children to learn more about career options earlier in their schooling. Despite this, only a...

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How States Define Work-Based Learning

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Are You Working on Work-Based Learning in Your State? Tune In to This Series

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When Medical Marijuana Meets School Drug Policy, What Can States Do?

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CTE Action in the 2018 Legislative Session

As the sun sets on many state legislative sessions, it’s a good time to examine trends in policymakers’ work on a host of education...

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