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Senior Policy Analyst at Education Commission of the States

Stephanie is a former senior policy analyst at Education Commission of the States.

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Strengthening Teacher Pipelines: School Climate and Working Conditions

Research consistently confirms what may seem otherwise obvious: School climate or the quality and character of school life matters for...

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Strengthening Teacher Pipelines: Leading From the Classroom

 A recent national survey found that 9 in every 10 teachers wish they had more opportunities to further their careers and professional...

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What We Know About Differential and Performance Pay for Teachers

Among governors’ State of the State addresses this year, a majority spoke about teacher compensation, including differential pay that...

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Transforming State Teacher Licensure Systems to Support Ongoing Learning and Growth

As with the professions of medicine, law and many others, most states require educators to show proof of engaging in continuing education...

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#ThankATeacher … and a State Policymaker?

This spring, teacher walkouts in states across the country have dominated our news feeds. A Google search for “RedForEd” pulls nearly a...

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State Policies That Seek to Build Stronger Teacher Pipelines

Of the enacted state legislation in 2017, no issue we track received greater attention than teachers. This is not surprising, given...

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2016 Legislative Round-up: Improving school health environments

So far in 2016, close to 1,000 K-12 education bills have been signed into law. While the heavy hitters such as accountability, assessments...

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