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Senior Policy Analyst at Education Commission of the States |

Sarah supports the research and analytical capacity of the Policy Team in her role as a senior policy analyst at Education Commission of the States. Sarah has extensive experience in student financial aid programs, and is frequently called upon as an expert in state financial aid policy and practice. A recipient of state aid herself, Sarah believes that state policy leaders have a key role to play in ensuring affordable postsecondary opportunities for students from all backgrounds.

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Emerging Iterations on State Free College Policy in the 2019 Legislative Sessions

State legislatures are officially in full swing, with 44 states plus the District of Columbia in session. At Education Commission of the...

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Dual Enrollment: Increasing Early Access to Postsecondary Education

This post is a collaboration with guest author, Gregory Kienzl, principal strategist at ACT. “I hear this over and over, ‘We are not a...

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Income Share Agreements: An Old Idea Made New, But Necessity to Protect Students Remains

In 2014, I gave my first state legislative testimony in Maine on an idea that would turn tuition and financial aid on its head: Pay It...

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A Prescription for Oversubscription in State Financial Aid Programs

Over 1 million students are eligible for state financial aid but are never funded. This is the number a recent report put to a problem...

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Providing Financial Support — Beyond Tuition — to College Students

This post is co-authored with David Tandberg, vice president of policy research and strategic initiatives at the State Higher Education...

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State Financial Aid: What We’re Watching

Each year, states invest over $12 billion in aid programs that support over 4.5 million students in their quest for postsecondary...

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FAFSA Simplification: More Can Be Done While Still Protecting State Aid Programs

To find out if they qualify for financial aid from the federal government, students must complete the Free Application for Federal Student...

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Making Sense of the Changes to Financial Aid Funding in President Trump’s Proposed 2018 Budget

While it’s currently just a proposal, President Trump’s fiscal year 2018 budget puts several big changes to student financial aid...

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What the IRS Data Retrieval Tool Outage Means for State Financial Aid Programs

Filling out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) form is a complicated process for students and their families. The 100+...

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The Governor That’s Making Free College Happen

If you’ve heard of the “free college” trend, chances are you’ve heard of Tennessee. Since the Tennessee Promise was enacted in...

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