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Senior Project Manager at Strong Start to Finish

Molly Sarubbi, previously a senior project manager for Strong Start to Finish, is now a consultant.

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Building Awareness and Policy Supports for Foster Youth Educational Success

As May draws to a close, so does National Foster Care Month. The more than 440,000 youths who are currently in foster care — and the...

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Understanding the Financial Wellness and Success of Foster Youth in College

Does financial wellness and literacy promote educational success? Many policymakers, practitioners and institutional leaders think so. A...

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State Policy Proposals That Recognize Rural Needs

As the ever-increasing focus on equity in education grows, state policymakers are inevitably faced with pressures to better understand...

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Policies to Support the Postsecondary Success for Foster Youth

This blog post originally appeared on the ACCT Now blog. As a new academic year quickly approaches, it brings the hope of achievement and...

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Three States and a Snapshot of Their 2017 Actions Supporting Foster Youth

May is National Foster Care Month. For the more than 427,000 youth in care, the bridge between education policy and practice is...

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Bridging the ‘Divide’ in Times of Policy Uncertainty

As we experience changes in state education leadership, there is a sense of anticipation in education policy and practice. New leadership...

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