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Mike is a former consultant for Education Commission of the States.

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Is the Federal Government Shortchanging Special Education Students?

When it comes to the issue of public education funding, there are few things those in the education policy space agree on. But there is one...

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Can Schools Afford to Keep Kids Safe?

If you’re like me, school shootings have left you feeling both frustrated and helpless. Tragedies like those in Santa Fe, Parkland, Sandy...

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What Does WV’s School Funding Formula Have to Do With the Statewide Teachers Strike?

Something fairly unprecedented is happening in West Virginia now: a statewide teacher strike. While statewide teacher strikes are not...

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School Funding Is Complicated — So Let’s Do Something About It

One question I repeatedly get asked is, “Why are state school funding formulas so complicated?” My first answer to that question is...

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Is It Time to Stop Funding Schools With Local Property Taxes?

Local Schools, Local Funding Today 44.6 percent of funding for public education in this country comes from local sources with most of this...

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In Education Funding, Size Does Matter

I’m often asked the question, “When it comes to funding – what is the optimal size of a school district?” Data from the U.S. Census...

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The Hidden Numbers Behind President Trump’s Proposed Education Budget

Earlier this month President Donald J. Trump issued a paper entitled “America First – A Budget Blueprint to Make America Great...

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How The Great Recession Impacted Teacher Pay

The most recent economic downturn – commonly referred to as the Great Recession – impacted all aspects of our society including public...

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Why Don’t We Just Smoke, Drink and Gamble our Way to a Better Public Education System?

In meeting-after-meeting in state-after-state I’ve been asked the same question, “Isn’t there some new way that we can fund public...

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Do We Spend Too Much on Special Education?

I was recently asked this question while presenting at Education Commission of the States’ National Forum in Washington, D.C., and my...

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