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Louisa was formerly a policy researcher at Education Commission of the States.

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All You Could Ever Want to Know About State Policies Governing Early Learning

Kindergarten is one of our most popular search items, and it’s no surprise: The early learning years are some of the most crucial in a...

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Working on Early Learning Policy? These Two Resources Are for You

Today, we’re releasing How States Fund Pre-K: A Primer for Policymakers, which outlines funding mechanisms to consider to support pre-K...

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Creating Preventative, Rather Than Reactive, Policies to Boost Third-Grade Literacy

We know reading proficiency matters: Research shows that children who are not proficient at the end of third grade are four times more...

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State Leaders and Early Ed Experts Collaborate on Strengthening K-3 Policies

In late September, we hosted the K-3 State Policy Academy, bringing together state teams, partners and other experts in the early education...

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From Sesame Street to State Capitols: The case for STEM and early learning

As researchers and policymakers continue to evaluate what pre-K and kindergarten should include, STEM is beginning to enter the...

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The Power of Pre-K

With the recent release of Education Commission of the States’ annual pre-kindergarten (pre-K) funding report, we are taking a look at...

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A Rocky Beginning: Suspensions and expulsions in the early years

Increased suspensions and expulsions in the early childhood space, particularly of minority students, have pushed states, districts and...

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The Need For and Steps Towards Achieving a Quality K-3 System

While the high school dropout rate poses a significant risk to our nation, there are early warning signs that  can be used to chart a...

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