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Senior Project Manager at Education Commission of the States |

In her role, Lexi oversees project management for Education Commission of the States' policy work. Lexi has more than 10 years of experience working as a higher education administrator and policy analyst, with the past five years focused on postsecondary transition policies. When Lexi is not immersed in the education policy world, she can be found running, skiing or exploring with her toddler in the mountains.

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Workforce Development: What Motivates States to Act?

Over the last month we explored the how of workforce development, but what motivates states to act? Recent reports suggest that if certain...

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Workforce Development Boards: Going Above and Beyond the Call of Duty

As states assess their workforce needs and opportunities for further economic development, workforce boards commonly go beyond the 12...

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Workforce Development: Who Has a Seat at the Table?

As any good meeting planner will tell you, one needs to ensure the right individuals attend. Those who can provide insight and guidance to...

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Where Do Apprenticeships and Higher Ed Meet?

Word on the street is apprenticeships create a direct pathway to in-demand jobs by providing an on-ramp for individuals to enter the...

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Connecting the Dots: Aligning Attainment Goals to the Workforce

Not a day goes by that I don’t read an article or hear an anecdote about how the future of the workforce requires more postsecondary...

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Priority Areas in 2018 Workforce Development Legislation

This year continued the growing trend of workforce development policies, programs and initiatives. From governor action plans to a federal...

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Journey to Credit Mobility Success: Are There Gaps in the Tracks?

Last month, we updated the 50-State Comparison on college transfer and articulation and saw a refinement of multiple statewide transfer...

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Navigating the Adult Learner Life Cycle

What does it look like for an adult learner to move through postsecondary education and into the workforce? How is that journey different...

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Tag Team: Supporting reverse transfer through federal and state policy

Reverse transfer policies — once the “new shiny object” in higher education — are beginning to see somewhat of a resurgence this...

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Return of the Near-Completers: State progress with adult students

As we all know, many states continue to push for increased attainment rates aligned with state workforce needs. In the quest to increase...

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