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State Relations Manager at Education Commission of the States

Lauren was formerly a state relations manager at Education Commission of the States.

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State Policy Proposals That Recognize Rural Needs

As the ever-increasing focus on equity in education grows, state policymakers are inevitably faced with pressures to better understand...

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Broadband’s Impact on Education

Broadband access discussions are increasing across the country. At the state and local levels, leaders are expressing the need for adequate...

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Federal Communications Commission Loses in Court, States have the Ability to Limit Municipal Broadband

A Federal Appels Court recently blocked efforts to expand public broadband.  The Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals filed a ruling on Aug. 10,...

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State Laws May Create Challenges for Local Broadband Expansion

Inadequate access to industry-standard broadband speeds confronts many households and individuals across the states as indicated in a...

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Distance Education Students and Their Access to State Financial Aid Programs

Students, postsecondary institutions and policymakers are turning to online education to meet individual educational needs, support...

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New Partnership Formed to Address Important Campus Safety Issues

Education Commission of the States and NASPA – Student Affairs Administrators in Higher Education recently partnered to address...

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