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As the eighth president of Education Commission of the States, Jeremy leads a team of more than 55 education policy experts that serve policymakers in all 50 states through research, reports, convenings and counsel. Prior, Jeremy served many elected officials in Congress, governors' offices and state legislatures across the country. When he is not racing from airport to airport to serve state education policymakers, Jeremy enjoys running, mountain biking, skiing and time with his wife, son and two daughters. Jeremy truly believes that the best education policy happens when policymakers are able to learn from each other.

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Connecting Education to the Workforce

Researchers project that 85% of the jobs that will comprise the workforce in 2030 don’t currently exist today. Developing a workforce...

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We’re Here to Support Your Efforts to Improve School Safety

So far in 2019, there have been 14 school shootings. I think we can all agree that one school shooting is too many. As students across the...

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AEP: Linking Practice With Policy to Integrate the Arts

Embarking on its 25th year (and fifth year at Education Commission of the States), the Arts Education Partnership continues to serve as the...

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Strong Start to Finish: Connecting and Collaborating to Improve Student Success

“Strong Start to Finish enables colleges to think deeply about their structure and the experiences they are designing for students to...

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Knowledge and Strategies to Address the Top Education Policy Issues in Your State

UPDATED We’re less than two months away from the National Forum on Education Policy — (have you registered?) — and I want to share a...

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Why We’re One of the Best Nonprofits to Work For

For the third consecutive year, Education Commission of the States has been named one of the Top 50 Best Nonprofits to Work For. For more...

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How States Are Addressing School Safety in Policy

This post was written in collaboration with Carissa Moffat Miller, executive director at the Council of Chief State School Officers. Every...

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What Are the Trending Education Topics in States in 2019?

By now, you know we track much of the information around state education policy — from introduced proposals in state legislatures to...

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New Year, Renewed Commitment to What Matters Most

Welcome to a new year! Though many of you are returning to your posts, we’ll also be seeing a lot of new faces around the policymaking...

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Arts Education Policy: A look at the year ahead

It is a new day for the Arts Education Partnership (AEP) and one that Education Commission of the States  is elated to help lead! ...

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