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Principal at Education Commission of the States |

Jennifer was formerly a principal at Education Commission of the States.

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Computer Science: Crossing party lines [of code]

Computer science continues to be a hot topic for policymakers across role groups and party lines. Part of this interest is driven by data...

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Keeping Tabs on Dual Enrollment

 The latest update to Education Commission of the States’ 50-State Comparison on dual/concurrent enrollment was released last week. This...

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What Are “U” Thinking? STEM challenges and a state model

The challenge to many states’ STEM initiatives can be summed up in three “U”s: uncoordinated, underfunded and un-evaluated. What do...

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Workin’ It: Making high school CTE policy count

Career/technical education (CTE) will likely remain a hot topic in 2016. Yet, to better prepare high school students for tomorrow’s jobs,...

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