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Jennifer was formerly a principal at Education Commission of the States.

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New, Federal 5-Year STEM Strategic Plan Is a Starting Point for State Action

This blog post is adapted from comments Jennifer Zinth gave at the White House release event for the strategic plan. In December, the White...

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Cracking the Code: What Can We Learn From Successful State Computer Science Efforts?

UPDATED AUG. 19, 2019 States that are looking to broaden access to high-quality, K-12 computer science learning experiences can learn from...

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More Than One Path Leads to High School Graduation

High school graduation requirements are constantly in flux, and the latest approach gaining traction in states is what I call “Carnegie...

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Check the Pulse of STEM in Your State With Vital Signs

Today, thanks to Change the Equation, we become the home of Vital Signs, a tool allowing you to assess the health of STEM education by...

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Computer Science: What are the next frontiers for states?

As more states finish their 2017 legislative sessions, it’s encouraging to see enactments reflecting the idea that to increase the number...

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Computer Science, STEM Gain Traction in 2017 State of the State Addresses

So far in 2017, STEM and computer science continue to capture governors’ attention as they look for ways to better align education with...

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Public-Private Partnerships – A “Match” Made in Heaven?

Education Commission of the States’ recent State Policymaker’s STEM Playbook notes that one of three key ingredients for a successful...

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Policy Levers for CTE Dual Enrollment

Career and technical education (CTE) dual enrollment – it may just be the Reese’s peanut butter cup of policy strategies to improve...

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2016 STEM Legislative Activity

STEM continues to be the focus of significant legislative activity. Dozens of 2016 enactments – both statutory provisions and...

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2016 Dual Enrollment and AP Legislative Enactments

 In many states, the dust is settling on yet another legislative session. Dual enrollment, Advanced Placement (AP) and other avenues for...

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