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Jan was formerly a project leader at the National Center for Learning and Civic Engagement.

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Using Gamification to Enhance Civic Learning

Run your own presidential campaign. Escape north as a fugitive slave. Crack the clues to solve a history mystery. These are just some of...

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Civic and Career Readiness: State strategies

With many competing educational priorities, policymakers need approaches that advance multiple student outcomes. A founding purpose of...

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Incentivizing Civic Learning and Engagement

A vibrant democracy depends on the informed and active participation of citizens. A dedicated group of Colorado high school students did...

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A Well-Rounded Citizen

Over the last several years, efforts have intensified to reinvigorate the commitment of education to not just prepare students for college...

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Preparing Citizens and Civic-Learning Course Designation in Massachusetts Higher Education

As Massachusetts acts to fulfill the goal of their Higher Education Vision Project to “produce the best-educated citizenry and workforce...

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Closing the Civic Empowerment Gap

Election year brings an expected focus on voter participation and engagement. Of particular interest and concern are significant changes...

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Are Youth Advising You?

Youth have something important to say. Are you listening? States and municipalities across the nation are recognizing that youth have an...

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How Postsecondary Institutions Can Support K-12 Civics Education

I had the chance this week to connect with Paul Bonnici at the North Carolina Civic Education Consortium and wanted to share this exemplary...

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Engaged Citizenship – Trends Report on the Civic Education Initiative

Under our Constitution, some powers belong to the states. What is one power of the states? If you answered to provide schooling and...

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Civic engagement website highlights influential work of secretaries of states

As the chief election officer in each state, secretaries of state have a critical investment in civic education and youth engagement. The...

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