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Emily is a former senior policy analyst.

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Five Ways That States Limit Special Education Spending

In times of limited financial resources, states look for ways to rein in spending. Unfortunately for state education policymakers, times of...

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Why Are There So Many Bills About Special Education Funding?

Funding for students who require special education services continues to be a hotly debated topic for state policymakers. More than half of...

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Policies to Support the Postsecondary Success for Foster Youth

This blog post originally appeared on the ACCT Now blog. As a new academic year quickly approaches, it brings the hope of achievement and...

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Coupling Incentives to Tuition Caps: A new path toward affordability?

The sun is shining; the birds are chirping – it’s the season for high school graduation. Congratulations to the class of 2017! As...

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A Tale of Two Students: How State Policy Affects College Access for Foster Youth

Foster youth, historically, have low levels of educational attainment. Of the approximate 415,000 youth in foster care, only 46 percent...

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