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Project Manager at Education Commission of the States |

As a project manager, Cassandra contributes to reports and publications for the Arts Education Partnership and provides support for AEP convenings. Prior to this position, she worked as a communications specialist at Education Commission of the States and AEP. With an educational background in art history and a strong belief in the transformational qualities of learning, Cassandra is passionate about her work and dedicated to sharing research and resources on the arts in education with stakeholders across the country.

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ArtsEdSearch: 300 Studies and Counting

In 2012, the Arts Education Partnership curated an extensive collection of research on arts education in one place: ArtsEdSearch. Eight...

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Supporting Student Wellness Through the Arts

By May of this year, an estimated 55.1 million K-12 students participated in virtual learning because of COVID-19. For some students, the...

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A Look at the Role of the Arts in Juvenile Justice

On a given day 43,580 youths are held in residential placement facilities ― including any public or private out-of-home youth placement...

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Partnering to Bring the Arts to Students in Rural Communities

A trip to a museum provides opportunities to experience the world at different points in time — to look back at the past to see a world...

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Supporting Governors’ Top Education Priorities Through the Arts

Workforce development, teaching quality and early learning are some of the key issues that governors identified in their 2019 State of the...

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Your Guide to Navigating Opportunities for the Arts Under ESSA

Is your state focused on building student literacy across districts? The Every Student Succeeds Act provides funds to integrate the arts...

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ArtsEdSearch: The Search Is Over … or Maybe It Is Just Beginning

Help! I need information — and fast — about the impact of arts-focused professional learning opportunities for teachers. I want to...

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How School Leaders Can Inspire Daily Creativity

The buzz of an alarm signifying a new day, the smell of freshly brewed coffee, the turning of a key in a car ignition, the wheels of a bike...

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ESSA: Various perspectives

Following the passage of the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) in December 2015, and with the newly released ESSA regulations from the U.S....

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