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Vice President of Policy at Education Commission of the States |

As vice president of policy, Brian provides strategic leadership to Education Commission of the States' portfolio of policy products. Brian brings nearly two decades of experience in education policy research and practice, helping an array of policy decisionmakers craft sound policy to support student outcomes. Brian is dedicated to helping people develop and refine their ideas, and believes wholeheartedly in the promise of good government and strong civic society to improve people’s lives.

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Almost 65% of jobs today require education after high school — and that proportion is only expected to grow, leaving behind millions of...

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This blog is the first in a series following the Supporting Adult Learners for Postsecondary Success convening, which took place in early...

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Where You Live Rather Than What You Know? The Problem With Education Deserts

This post was co-authored with guest author Nicholas Hillman, an assistant professor of Educational Leadership and Policy Analysis at the...

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Stay Focused on the Next Degree, Don’t Just Refinance the Degree Earned

In responding to the student debt crisis, Brian A. Sponsler, Ed.D., director of postsecondary and workforce development at Education...

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